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The Chicken Theory



We are all about fresh food. Just good real cooked meals using Crispy greens, seasonal veggies, wholesome grains, succulent meats sourced locally every day

Our Chickens

We take pride in our chickens. We only use free range chickens from Lilydale. Lilydale farms are located across various regions in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia. All of our free range chickens are Australian owned and grown by farmers committed to producing premium quality produce. All of our chickens get cooked in super hot chicken rotisserie. Which is the healthiest way to cook chickens with minimal carbon foot print.

Our Burgers & Salads

Our burgers and rolls are real, made with wagyu beef, roasted and grilled chicken, housemade schnitzels and fresh locally sourced ingredients. People have been telling us that we have the best chips and asking us for our secret. Secret to our tastiest chips is our way of cooking and using clean and healthy oil. We don’t take any short cuts when it comes down to delivering healthy meals.

There are 16 salads, made fresh every day. The secret to our healthy and tasty salads is fresh ingredients and our more than 20 years experience to bring them to perfection.

We also have range of finger food and freshly baked hot foods to compliment our flavor rich rotisserie chicken. And for Dessert It can be hard to ignore heavenly soft and light chocolate mousse.

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